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Taboo Zones – Giuletta del Conte & Julia Hanzl

02/03 - 28/04/2018
Art of Life, Waaggasse 10, 1040 Wien

In the joint exhibition TABOO ZONES by the two artists Giulietta del Conte and Julia Hanzl, the themes of femininity, eroticism and aesthetics are set in relation to each other through photographs and sculptures.

In this way, a new universe opens up, which addresses the taboos surrounding the female body and her eroticism in many ways and gives the viewer the opportunity – almost challenges him – to reinterpret stereotypes and familiar beliefs.

In this exhibition, the artist Giulietta del Conte exhibits works in Austria for the first time, and Julia Hanzl complements the exhibition with new sculptures. As a highlight, we are happy about a performative contribution by the burlesque dancer Kate deVienne.

The artists are present during the vernissage.

Exhibition Opening: Thursday, March 1, 2018, 7 p.m.