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Omnia ab uno

Ceramic sculpture (hand-modelled), mixed media, wooden/metal base
Height: approx. 67cm
Ceramic, Mixed Media

Who are you – human – and how do you stand by the world? We have always tried to answer such fundamental questions about ourselves. The visual arts, too, try to fathom the true, irrefutable essence of our being and, by translating it into infinite forms, to carve out a transcendent truth that lies beyond all concepts.

Julia Hanzl’s work “omnia ab uno” impressively expresses this reality, where everything is connected to everything and merges into one another: the grinning, blank skull gives birth to all forms of expressions and meanings and thus creates innumerable transitions between me and you – between human, animal and amorphous Consciousness that contains everything. I am everything and everything is one. Omnia ab uno et in unum omnia.